About us Sook Elarab-سوق العرب
سوق العرب هو مكان عام للعرب وكل الجاليات العربيه للإعلان عن بضائعهم وخدماتهم لجالياتهم. تستطيع هنا أن تعلن عن بيع سيارتك أو منزلك أو خدماتك أو عنأى شئ صغر أو كبربإشتراك زهيد جدا لا يعادل ثمن كوب قهوه

We are an advertising website in which any entity can advertise its goods, profession, craft, special occasion, or simply anything that the advertiser deems worth being promoted.

You may think of us as a large exhibition space that each advertiser rents a space of, and the user passes through all then decides what is worth buying , buyer communicates with the advertiser directly and deals with it outside the site, meaning that the we are not a part of any buying or selling process and does not interfere in it in any way.

We do not verify the credibility of the advertiser's commodity or even its data, so you must be careful before any transaction.

We allow the promotion of any material except sex, terrorism and child abuse,Please refer to “ Uploaded Content agreement” for info.

This is not a social site, but it is a place to make a living, and accordingly, there is no room for political or religious strife.

Each advertiser has a complete control to its posts, pages, and groups.


You can advertise in three ways as in facebook, meaning by placing a post, creating a page and/or creating a group,

Our site is free for the user, while it is a low subscription for the advertiser, so that we can fulfill our obligations and hosting and maintenance expenses.